A Philosopher Looks at The Sense of Humor by Richard C. Richards

A Philosopher Looks at The Sense of Humor by Richard C. Richards

A Philosopher Looks at The Sense of Humor by Richard C. Richards is intended as a starting point for a philosophical discussion.

In this tour of the wide, wonderful world of the humorous, we touch upon such issues as what causes a sense of humor, whether it can be taught, what its value may be, how it is connected with happiness, and whether it should be placed on the endangered species list. Out of necessity we explore the habitat of the amusing, the entertaining, and the comedic.

There is considerable laughter in the world, and a more than abundant supply of things to laugh at. But since laughter and humor are only partially and not essentially connected, this may end up being a eulogy for the death of humor. Perhaps this book will cause it. We can only hope.

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Read what others are saying about Richards’ A Philosopher Looks At The Sense of Humor:

Letter to the author regarding A Philosopher Looks At The Sense of Humor from Lowell Herr, Cal State Pomona Philosophy Department

“…Love the clarity of your book and the uncluttered nature of your prose.  The definitions that you offer early on ­ of amusement, entertainment, comedy and so forth ­ seem to me to illustrate analytic philosophy put to good work…” (read more)

Review by A fellow philosopher of A Philosopher Looks At The Sense of Humor presented at the 7th Annual Lighthearted Philosophers’ Society Conference by Steve Gimbel, Chairperson/Edwin T. Johnson and Cynthia Shearer Johnson Distinguished Professor in the Humanities, Philosophy at Gettysburg College

“Richard’s new book is a wonderful addition to the growing literature of the field and its focus on the sense of humor and not jokes, laughter, or humor writ large gives his work the sort of rigor and focus that we need to be taken seriously as a subfield…” (read more)

Review in Metapsychology Online Reviews, May 13th 2014 (Volume 18, Issue 20) of A Philosopher Looks At The Sense of Humor by Camille Atkinson, PhD, Bend OR

“Not only is Richards’ book delightful, inspiring and intellectually stimulating, it’s fun to read. Besides providing further food for thought, Richards gives a concise and cogent definition of “the sense of humor,” describing how it’s related to happiness but is distinct from comedy, laughter and aesthetic pleasure in general. He also includes a few jokes and witticisms of his own. This book is not just for philosophers, but for anyone with a sense of humor who can’t imagine life without the unique kind of pleasure it affords…”  (read more)